Xinxiang Future Hydrochemistry Co., Ltd. (FHC) specializes in developing and manufacturing high-performance DSA anode, MMO coated titanium electrode products, Salt water chlorniator cell for pool, Sodium hypochlorite generator. 

We deliver reliable, state of the art and cost-effective products. Our products have been used in China for over 30 years and over the past few decades, our products export to overseas had been steadily increased in North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East and Asia, etc.

※Our products categories:

■ Insoluble noble metal electrodes:
1. Ruthenium-Iridium Coating Titanium anode
2.  Iridium-tantalum Coating Titanium anode
3. Iridium-Rh-Pt Coating Titanium anode
4. MMO Coating Titanium anode
5. DSA Coating Titanium anode
6. Titanium leads peroxide anodes
7. Platinized titanium anodes / electrodes
8. The electric chlorinator cell assembly
Waste water treatment electrolyzer
10. Titanium electrodes for chlorinator cell, include bipolar titanium electrodes ( reverse current ) and monopole titanium electrodes

■ Slat water chlorinator cell ( Chlorine Generator ):
• RP-10, 10 Grams active chlorine/hr
• RP-15, 15 Grams active chlorine/hr
• RP-20, 20 Grams active chlorine/hr
• RP-25, 25 Grams active chlorine/hr
• RP-35, 35 Grams active chlorine/hr
• Our salt cell Advantage: Self cleaning reverse polarity. High quality titanium cells.  Transparent cell. Maximum working pressure: 250 kpa.  The brine strength is not less than 5 Gram/l.   The cell lifetime is not less than 10000 hour.

■ Sodium hypochlorite generator
• Available chlorine output:0.1 KG to 50 KG / hr, the concentration of available chlorine: 0.8%,

※ insoluble noble metal electrodes Application Fields:

■ Plating
• Titanium anodes for acid copper plating
• Titanium anodes for gold plating
• Titanium anodes for nickel plating
• Titanium anodes for chromium plating
• Titanium anodes for trivalent Chrome Plating
• Titanium anodes for rhodium plating
• Titanium anodes for palladium plating
• Titanium anodes for electro galvanizing
• Titanium anodes for copper plating
• Titanium anodes for pulse plating
• Titanium anodes for composite plating
• Titanium anodes for periodic reverse plating
• Titanium anodes for strike plating
• Titanium anodes for high speed electro-deposition
• Titanium anodes for barrel plating
• Titanium anodes for electroforming
• Titanium anodes for balancing
• Titanium anodes for printed circuit board plating 

■ Water treatment
• Titanium anodes for swimming pool disinfection
• Titanium anodes for saltwater chlorinators
• Titanium anodes for water electrolysis
• Titanium anodes for ionizer of water
• Titanium anodes for sewage treatment
• Titanium anodes for recycling of waste water
• Titanium anodes for water Treatment equipment
• Titanium anodes for chlorine dioxide cell

■ Hydrometallurgy, Electrowinning and electro refining ( hydrometallurgical process )
• Titanium anodes for copper foil field with high current density
• Titanium anodes for metal refining
• Titanium anodes for electro winning, Extraction of platinum, gold, silver, cobalt, cadmium, copper, nickel, tin, zinc, manganese, etc.

■ Chemical products
• Titanium anodes for bromated production
• Titanium anodes for Iodated production
• Titanium anodes for caustic potash
• Titanium anodes for production of chlorine dioxide
• Titanium anodes for chlorate industry
• Titanium anodes for recycling mercury by electrolysis oxidation
• Titanium anodes for hypochlorite industry
• Titanium anodes for electro chlorination

■ Titanium anodes for cathode protection
• Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP)

If you are looking for titanium anodes for any of above applications, we are the complete solution for your needs. Please let us know your specifications, dimensions and other detail requirements, our engineers are ready to help you.

In the past decades, we have provided our customers electrodes products with   high quality, long lifetime; helped our customers to solve difficult application problems; improved production quality and reduced the cost.  We will continue to work with our customers together to be the best.

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